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Resources for growing those who believe. 

Small group

New Living

This study series is a common resource in China.  We have found it to be very useful as a personal quiet time tool or in one-on-one discipleship.

Bible Reading Plans

These are meant to be used in conjunction with the Bible Outline to help encourage new believers in their understanding of God’s Word.

Dr. Stanley: Walking with God

This sermon series in Chinese of Dr. Charles Stanley is designed to help the spiritual growth of any believer.  The English version is available at In Touch Ministries. www.intouch.org

Hard Questions

This program is primarily used in Chinese as a resource for specific questions.  An equivalent resource in the USA would be resources such as The New Evidence the Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell or www.euip.org of the Christian Research Institute.

Language: Chinese (Simplified)

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Personal Discipleship

There are two different resources here that are intended to help younger believers disciple and model the Christian life for new believers. There studies are intended to focus on life-application, practical change. They are simple and concise.

New T4T

This Group study series is intended to lead new believers through a Bible study based on the Baptist Faith and Message.

Language: English, Chinese (Simplified)

Spiritual Gift Surveys

These individual and group studies are intended to help new believer better pin point what their spiritual gift(s) might be so that they can better know how to serve in the Church.  We normally have people take at least 3 of them and compare their answers.  If the same answers account for their “top three” then odds are that those gifts are their spiritual gifts.  There are a great deal of similar tools in the USA.

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Training for Trainers (T4T)

6 lessons.  This series is the beginning point for new believers as they learn to be equipped for ministry.  These lessons were designed to be very reproducible after the idea of 2 Timothy 2:2 so that they could be taught, caught and re-taught multiple times for the sake of reproducibility. For more information, please refer to the book written by Steve Smith and Ying Kai entitled T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution.

Healthy Disciple Intro

16 Lessons. This study was designed to follow the 6 lessons of T4T.  The lessons are of the same style and are designed to quickly give a new believer a concrete idea of what the goal of the Christian life is while on this earth.  This life-application, “plain things are the main things” study series breaks discipleship into five key areas that must be kept in balance in order to bear fruit to God’s glory! It includes both studies series and an in-depth training guide.

Practical Hermeneutics

This Group study series is designed to make a complex issue simple.  The issue of how to study Scripture is necessary to grasp for a new believer in order to not fall into the same snares of the cults around us.  These four common principles are simple to memorize grasp and use Scriptural interpretation on the part of new believers.

Bible Outline One

This study was designed to “sit on top” of C2C (Creation to Christ as found in the “Lost” Category).  30 hand-motions help the student of this training series grasp the outline so that a new believer will be able to better understand how individual passages fit in the overall scheme of the Scriptural narrative.

Practical Theology

This ten part series is intended to equip new believers with the basic tenets of the faith so that they can better avoid heresy and understand what it is that they believe.

Experiencing God

24 week study. We took the 12 week study and divided it further into a 24 week study.  This has been instrumental in helping people understand how knowing God, knowing and doing God’s will and our obedience to His commands all work together.

Bible Outline Two

52 week study. This series builds upon Bible Outline One and includes the same original 30 hand signals.  This study includes a 1 year chronological Bible reading plan, 52 small group lessons that follow the plan (mostly), Presentation files, illustrated timelines, as well as student and teacher guides to further the study.  As usual, the thrust of this study is life-application oriented.

Healthy Church

62 week study. This series follows the Healthy Disciple to help mature disciples better know their place within the church.  Regardless of church model, this study is designed to better live as a Healthy Church as every believer in the Body of Christ does their part to grow God’s Kingdom!

Five Love Languages

This is a short study series based on the book the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  The purpose is to give practical tools for which disciples can know how to treat others who are not like them and love others the way they want to be loved. 

Bearing Fruit

Like Vision Casting, Healthy Disciple and Healthy Church, this is another Truth Project original small group series.   In this study, we will explore God’s Word to find truths and patterns that God has set forth for us as we learn to do and be who God has created us to do and be as we live out His purposes in our lives.  We will begin with John 15:8 telling us that we glorify God and show ourselves to be Jesus’ disciples by bearing fruit! 

Church History

This is still under development.

Book Studies

Most of these studies have not been translated from Chinese yet, but a similar resource in the USA would be the New Testament Lesson Maker by Nav Press. Whereas studies such as the Healthy Disciple and Bible Outline are aimed at critical issues that face the life of converts and disciples, these studies are intended to go step-by-step across a large portion of the New Testament.


Language: English (some), Chinese (Simplified)

Dynamic Discipleship

his is a Spiritual Formations small group lesson series that is centered around the idea of living out the inner changes that God is making in each of His people. This series focuses both on the practical Inward development of each believer and the Outward growth and obedience that work together as God grows us in Christ.

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