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Resources to assess, plan and address the needs of the Church.

BLSP - Bless, Love, Serve and Push
Healthy Disciple Diagram
Diagnostic Drawings

In order to better diagnose potential obstacles to “making disciples of all nations” we have developed and borrowed 4 key diagnostics that help in reproducible Church Planting Ministry. Each of these drawings are easy to sketch and use and are applicable in both literate and oral settings.  These drawings help specifically cast vision, diagnose individual and church spiritual health, discipleship and leadership development strategy, and reproducible church planting strategy.

Vision Casting

These resources help to cast God’s Vision from what He tells us in Scripture.  In this training resource, we investigate what God’s Vision is by exploring 4 key questions: What, Who, Why and How.

                  1. What is God’s Vision?

                  2. Who glorifies God?

                  3. Why do we exist?

                  4. How do we glorify God?

       We then explore Big Picture strategies as lined out in Scripture and analyze 2 of the Diagnostic Drawings listed in the “Diagnostic Drawing” tab.  The goal is to get everyone on the same page in order to do and be what God has called each of us to do and to be. This training takes about 5 hours to go through in detail.

Healthy Church Cover
Strategic Planning

This 1-day and 3-day training series puts “teeth” to the Vision Casting that is presented in the “Vision Casting” tab.  We use these trainings extensively in Asia to help national partners break God’s Vision down into 6 key areas and work to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading to accomplish what God has called us to.  The 3-day training then follows up on the 1-day training to help provide greater detail and more carefully prayed-out and thought-out plans for which to work toward a Church Planting Movement.  These resources were developed in Asia for use in Asia, but are being translated into English for the convenience of our non-Asian speaking partners.

Bless, Love, Push, Serve

We are here to Bless, love, serve and push the church in the East and the West to do and be what God has called all of us to do and to be.


We are blessed to be a blessing and that is the core of the gospel (Galatians 3:8).  Love is the greatest command and we need to model what that looks like (Mark 12:30-31, John 13:34-35).  As leaders, we are called to serve and we work to do so in all aspects of our work (John 13:14-17, Matthew 20:25-28, 1 Peter 5:2).  Finally, we want to only push our national partners as far as they’re willing to go and push them to do God’s will and not ours.


These values directly impacts every detail of how we do every aspect of our ministry.





The Compass

 The Compass CP Training Session Series focuses on God's word and uses an 8-phase framework for helping to diagnose potential pitfalls in our church planting work. Through this process, we will, together, intentionally focus on Jesus, by the Power of the Holy Spirit to do God's work, God's way as we go and plant churches until everyone has access to the gospel! 

It comes with video teaching, facilitating and training guides. Be sure to download the planning guides before using the training videos.


Diagnostic Drawings
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