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Missions Resources

Resources for sending workers to other people groups. 

Why Missions?
How to do


Published by the IMB in 2018, this document gives biblical missiological principals and practical handles for maintaining a biblical vision of missions for churches and mission organizations for a long time to come. 

Prayer Guides

This folder includes various prayer resources for East Asian peoples.  For more English Resources, please go to: 

GCC Great Commission Church

This is a ten-part training series for the entire church for why to be involved in missions and how to get involved in missions.

Nine Church plants of the Book of Acts

Elbert Smith of the IMB put this study together to help us clearly see how churches were started in the book of Acts and this helps us better understand the biblical patterns of the expansion of God's kingdom!

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3 S's: Selecting, Sending, and Supporting Missionaries

This is a comprehensive set of materials for how to select, send and support missionaries and comes with four different suggesting sending models. The notes document the primary processes used within the IMB, but are used as suggestions and explanations as churches explore how to send their own missionaries.

Short-Term Missions Preparation

These resources have been developed over a long period of time and are time tested for preparing for and sending short term mission teams.

Cross-Cultural Missions

This is a “catch all” category for all kinds of Cross-cultural ministry training based on the needs of a particular church.  Included here within are prayer guides, strategic planning, developing a heart for missions within a church, practical training for those being “sent out” both short-term and long term as well as those doing the sending.  It is virtually impossible to keep up with all of the resources available in this area. For additional, highly recommended tools go to sites such as or

Any 3: Any TIme, Any One, Any Where

This resource was developed in Southeast Asia and has been an instrumental tool in sharing the gospel with Muslims around the world.  The English version of this can be purchased at most bookstores, including  Author: Mike Shipman.

Harvest Fields

This resource is only available in Chinese and is very good for helping churches think practically about how to get involved in Cross-Cultural Missions. It includes a training guide for developing a simple, practical plan for every church!

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Loving Muslims

This folder contains various prayer and evangelistic resources for reaching out to various East Asian Muslim peoples. (The Chinese explanation can be the same one that is found on the EV Resources site.)  

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