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Resources for reaching lost people 


Incomparable Love

This Gospel tract provides an alternative way to share the Gospel.  It is simple to use and approaches the Gospel presentation from the stance of God’s love.

The Hope Video

This 80 minute long video goes into further detail than C2C and has been instrumental in helping people better understand God’s salvation story in Scripture.  In our own ministry, many thousands have come to faith by use of this video.  This video has been translated into countless languages.


For more information, please go to www.thehopeproject.com.  (The Chinese link is: www.thehopeproject.com/zh/ )

The Jesus Video

The Jesus Video, otherwise known as the J-Film, has been translated into countless languages and used the world over for evangelism.  It re-enacts the Gospel of Luke and has served to help millions gain a better understanding of Jesus and the new life that he provides.  In our ministry, we have seen countless people come to faith while using this video.


For more information about the organization who produces the Jesus Video, go to www.jesusfilm.org. (The Chinese link is here.)

Christmas Tract

The resources contained here within are samples of resources used to present the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of people every Christmas.

Paper Cut Gospel

This unique Gospel sharing technique utilizes paper and scissors.  It provides and additional tool for people to use in sharing the good news. What is also unique is that it can be done in multiple languages!

Four Spiritual Laws

This tract has been used to lead countless numbers of people to faith. It was developed by Campus Crusade, now known as Cru.  For copyright reasons, we cannot provide the English Version here, but it is available on many Christian website in the USA.

Muslim Resources

The resources contained here within are related to sharing the Gospel with Muslims.  Resources like Any 3 and the Guerbang are provided for people’s convenience.


The English versions of resources such as the Camel Method and Any 3 can be found at websites such as herewww.churchplantingmovements.com and www.camelmethod.com .

Other Evangelistic Tools

This is a “catch all” category that provides various resources from Evangelistic training to other various tracts and resources including the Bridge, Engel’s scale, and more!

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This 8-part story series is evangelistic in nature and provides basic discipleship as an overview of Scripture at the same time.  This storying method has been adapted into countless languages and is used the world over.  We have provided resources in two languages, including an outline (unique to this site), a standard sample story and videos for use when sharing (used from other sites).


For additional languages and training videos for how to use this resource, please go to www.CreationtoChristVideo.com and www.c2cstory.com .

This 6 – 9 month project trains everyone in a congregation to have a burden for the lost by praying the “3 opens” for 5-6 lost people by name daily.  After surveying thousands of believers on two contents, this project was developed to help brothers and sisters who won’t share their faith learn to love to follow the Holy Spirit in obedience.  The expectation are kept low and the lessons are designed to use God’s word to change their heart as they develop a burden for the lost.  Many thousands have come to faith through utilizing this project.  It comes complete with 6 – 9 months of small group lessons depending on which version you select.


The original idea comes from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (www.billygraham.org) and we developed lessons to go along with it.


*In addition there is a 4 month version that is perfect for college students entitled

“Andrew Project Lite.”  Those resources are also found in this folder.

These Bible studies are designed to help new believers start Bible-studies in their home (or in other people’s homes) with the intention of sharing the gospel with their relational circle so that those who believe will be able to turn around and do the same.  Each study approaches the gospel from different angles (i.e. the life of Jesus or walking through the whole of Scripture).

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